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If you're looking for someone to tell it to you straight and not BS you - Leah is your gal. Her approach is no-frills, extremely practical, and rooted in a principle-based approach that transfers to anything you're working on. She says it in love - but she says it!

  • Mom of 5 kids, ages 6-15, all of whom are homeschooled (they said she is crazy)
  • Built a multi-6 figure recording artist career without touring and no label (they said it couldn't be done)
  • Built a multi-million dollar education academy teaching musicians online marketing (tough crowd!)
  • Built a handmade product business, selling products no one needs, during a pandemic, in the worst economy (2020), surpassing 1 million in revenue in only 9 months (need we say more?)

Leah accomplished all this without a college degree, without business school, without capital or investors. She's learned everything by doing, and she thrives when others get the same lightbulb moments as her. Are you ready for yours?

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